Teaching Dark Lord part 2

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Thu May 16 20:36:14 EDT 2002

> I decided to tell them that I love the book and was disappointed that
> they had hated it--disappointed in the sense that I thought I was 
> givingthem a fun send off and that it had backfired.  They all 
> looked quite
> surprised, so I guess I had hidden my disappointment well on 
> Monday!  
> However, it also seemed to make them feel badly, as if they had 
> hurt my
> feelings and there was a lot of backpedalling--which was not my
> intention.  Although it made them return to the text for another 
> look, it
> also seemed to make them feel as if their response to it had been 
> wrong. 

Goodness, they sound a bit complacent and dense: I'm glad you shook 
them up. Did any of them wonder why you set the book before you told 
them your opinion? Perhaps they are not in the habit of questioning 
things you tell them, which would explain their second response. I 
would love to know what they expect their students to do - question or 
accept things the teacher says.


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