Teaching Dark Lord

Emma Comerford s369161 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu May 16 20:11:14 EDT 2002

Joe wrote:

>There's another idea that human beings have a _biologically_ 
>negative response to snakes which is part of the genetic heritage of 
>our species. So our institutions and cultures revile the serpent in 
>response to a hard-wired memory which goes back 2 million years 
>to the time when every human being on the planet shared their 
>space with deadly snakes. Why else, the theory goes, should Irish 
>people have the same instinctive fear and revulsion as people who 
>actually share their territory with rattlers and cobras?

Actually, I don't know if fear of snakes is instinctive - lots of children
will happily play with snakes if they haven't been brought up to fear them.
Unless, of course, its hard-wired into parents to teach their children to
not play with potentially dangerous reptiles!
Emma :)

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