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Wed May 15 20:30:33 EDT 2002

Melissa wrote 

<Tim Powers' _Declare_ is just fantastic.  I had 
trouble remembering that it
wasn't _Cryptonomicon_ due to the coincidence of 
the time periods, but
that's my problem, not his.  Powers is in some 
ways the ultimate conspiracy
theorist, though of course he's not actually one;

he simply sees connections
that few people would ever consider.  Nephilim, 
Noah's Ark, the "angel" of
Moscow (was it Moscow? Or some other city? I 
can't remember), cold iron,
World War  Compared to his other 
books...I think _Last Call_ and
_The Anubis Gates_ are better.  But the point 
really isn't to compare him to
himself, right?>

Those two are my favourites too, and judging by
the TP list we are not alone. I also thought
Declare was terrific but found it a little heavy
going, it's not quite as much fun. (That made me
laugh -- considering the amount of physical
anguish the average Powers character goes through
I can still call his books fun.) I have a feeling
that Powers is moving into new territory now and
I'm very much looking forward to what comes next.

Incidentally Declare got disqualified from the
Nebulas. It was first published in a limited
edition in 2000 and so couldn't be considered for
2002. TP could have applied for an exemption on
the grounds that the first mass market edition
didn't appear until 2001 but didn't do the
paperwork. Shame.


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