George Eliot

Ven vendersleighc at
Wed May 15 20:15:20 EDT 2002

Hallie wrote

<This may seem like a total off-topic sweep, but 
it isn't, really. 
Ages ago, I *think* someone wrote here about 
_Middlemarch_ being a 
big favourite. I've just finished an essay on MM,

and now I'm 
wondering if finding all kinds of resonances 
between it and F&H 
sounds totally and utterly mad?  Anyone who's 
read it got an opinion 
on this?>

I'd be interested in hearing your theory but,
Hallie, my A level reading of the Mill on the
Floss made me hate Eliot even more than Austen. I
think she may be the most infuriating auctorial
prescence I have ever encountered (or do I mean


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