Teaching Dark Lord

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 20:09:50 EDT 2002

Jon Noble wrote

<My only problem with "darklord" was that it
didn't seem to know if it was satire or serious,
although in the main it combines both quite well.
Maybe you'd better give the class Terry

Mmm, I don't have a problem with something being
both satirical and serious. And I always thought
that that's one of the things Pratchett and Dwj
have in common. Some of Pratchett's funniest
lines have some of the deepest resonances for me
("the truth shall make ye fret" -- it does so
too!). Actually I dislike the kind of humourous
writing that dumps character, plot, suspense etc
in favour of cramming in the jokes.  

 <As for not liking "LOTR" when I was at uni the 
traditional punishment for this
was having one's eyeballs plucked out and fed to 
the crows :-)>

You were lucky, when I was at university that was
reserved for people who LIKED LOTR. And we had to
say thank you to Mr Crow afterwards. 


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