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Wed May 15 15:35:29 EDT 2002

Sally wrote:
intention. No, not the Upper Room sort! I was surprised when a reviewer
said she thought "Sari was overly unpleasant". Sari is the villain in one
my books; one of the few totally evil characters I have ever written. She     
was *meant* to be unpleasant.                                                 

What an interesting coincidence--I finished Translations in Celadon this
very weekend, and was going to comment on it, and Sally brings it up
herself!  I agree that Sari was *very* unpleasant, but that suited the
character--she had to be in order to be able to do what she did.  I
enjoyed this book quite a bit.  To bring a bit of DWJ into it, I liked how
the main character, Rosanna, reminded me a bit of Sophie from Howl, in
that she too had a type of power that is not often recognized as power
(images, instead of words, like Sophie) and she too had trouble
recognizing that the power was hers (I'm trying to not to spoiler at all,
here).  Not that the two books are that much alike; I just saw a nice
thematic similarity there.  And I found the charcaters quite
believeable--sometimes high school age girls think a lot like sari--at
least some of the ones I knew.  


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