Nebula Awards OT

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed May 15 05:57:33 EDT 2002

>From Melissa's very useful summary of the Nebula nominees, there is only one
thing I want to reply to:
>  (_Diplomatic Immunity_ is very good, by the way.)

I gnash my teeth and pull horrible faces at the monitor in envy. We won't
get it in hardback till next year, and even if I could afford hardbacks, I
certainly can't afford to import it. TWO YEARS to wait to buy a book. A
year, probably, until I can get the library to get a copy. Oooh. I almost
wish I wasn't a fan, just someone who read sf; then I could be pleasantly
surprised by wandering into a shop in 2004 and finding a new Bujold in

(Oh well. I was whining about not getting Bujold for ages to an American
from a Pratchett fan group and she pointed out that his always used to take
a long time to get to America [the last couple have come out at the same
time]. I suppose it's swings and roundabouts.)
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