Nebula Awards OT

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue May 14 22:59:41 EDT 2002

I've only managed two of them "Passage" and Martin's
"Clash of Kings". I was very impressed by "Passage"
but I have been blown away by the plot twists in
Martin's series. OTOH there is always a problem in
giving awards to books in a series when it is the
series as a whole that the work should stand on. Maybe
they need a "best multi-volume epic" category. 

Jon Noble

--- lazy lousy lizzie jane <mep3 at>
> I was just looking at the Nebula nominees; 
> The only one I've read is Connie Willis' _Passage_,
> and I was quite
> rooting for that (in what little part of my mind
> actually knew that this
> was going on); I'd be interested to hear what those
> of you who have read
> more of the books think.
> lizzie

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