F&H and ML suggestions (Was: Re: Most widely-read DWJ)

Kale kaledann at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 22:41:51 EDT 2002

--- Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at indigo.ie> wrote:


> I think Sally posted Dorian's analysis, and it was
> called something 
> like Polly & Tom, rather than F&H.  I was also
> remembering a fairly 
> lengthy discussion of the ending quite a bit longer
> ago, and managed 
> to find some of the posts at least.  The first one I
> had was dated 
> 18/5/2002, and the subject was FIRE AND HEMLOCK (the
> caps made it 
> easy to spot and should help with the archives!).  I
> hope the 
> archives go back that far...

Polly and Tom - Sally's post of Dorian's analysis

A very long article by JOdel called Fire and Hemlock:

Incidentally, I was wondering if we could start
keeping a list of interesting threads and their
archived URLs?  (The URLs aren't likely to change, are
they?)  Say, for interesting discussion of Fire and
Hemlock, check these messages (link).  Because the
threads tend to veer really off-topic without changing
the subject line, following the archived threads
themselves don't really help, assuming you knew which
thread to follow.  (The Fire and Hemlock revisited
thread seemed to be about pronunciation.)

It could be in the format of a digest or summary: 
Say, In this thread, so and so spoke about this topic
and the general consensus was blah blah blah, (link to
related messages).  

I'm not saying that one person should be in charge of
summarizing everything, but anytime anybody takes an
active interest in a thread and all its discussion, or
maybe finds some interesting discussion while poking
about the archives, they could summarize it and submit
it to someone who could put it up on a website and
keep it organized by topics.

BTW, I have found a very crude and not really
efficient way of searching the mailing list archives. 
Use Google's Advanced Search option
(http://www.google.com/advanced_search) and limit the
domain (second line from bottom) to suberic.net  


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