Teaching Dark Lord

Ania theania at freeuk.com
Tue May 14 20:25:17 EDT 2002

It seems that you had the same idea; I was going to suggest that you inflict
Tough Guide on your class. Those who hate fantasy should have a good laugh
at the stereotypes pointed out by DWJ and expanded upon in Dark Lord; those
who are a bit 'serious' about fantasy would have a few home truths about
this genre pointed out. Either way, if they have a modicum of a sense of
humour, their appreciation of DL should be enhanced. Mine was.
I belong to the fantasy fan category, so I've read many fantasy novels, and
after the initial 'wow, aren't these great' I realized, as I read my way
through the library where I worked, that there are so many fantasy novels
which are utterly dire. Not many come up to scratch these days. Many (most?)
are so derivative, and far too many are far too long (a certain series by
Robert Jordan springs to mind).
I cannot quite put DWJ in the fantasy author pigeonhole. Technically it is
fantasy, but it doesn't quite belong with the LotR inspired stuff (sword &
sorcery variety. I guess she's just unique.
who was inspired to utter the foregoing rant by the following:

> We have "Tough Guide" in the library; perhaps I'll pull it out and take
> it to class tomorrow... thanks!
> Jackie

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