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>>You have to have read Mr. Was to understand how odd the next statement
is, but ... my disdainful student thought Mr. Was was (let's see if  I
can remember her exact words): trite and commonplace, I believe. Really,
go read Mr Was, and I honestly think you'll get a big laugh out of that.

> I just wonder why someone like this is taking this class.

Well, the short answer to that is, it's a required course for English
majors who plan to teach. And to be fair, she hasn't been awful all the
time.  I think that yesterday I was just suddenly fed up with her
>Mr. Was was such a tight, elegant book. I love long rambling books
because I can let them envelop me, but I love short, elegant books even
more.  And Mr. Was is such a good book on so many levels.

I agree!!!

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