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Melissa said...

> >On topic: I was just rereading Fire and Hemlock (while
> >procrastinating on my assignments) to check if I could
> >make any more sense out of the ending now and no,
> >still can't work out the logic of the final showdown.
> >Help?
> I think Dorian posted her analysis of the ending a few months ago.
> probably in the archives somewhere.  It was *very* good.  I don't
think *I*
> understood it until I read that post.  :)
> (And if it wasn't Dorian, kudos to whoever it really was.)

It was my analysis, but Sallyo reposted it from another list that
we're both on, where I had originally posted it.

Thank you for the compliment, by the way.  Said analysis is the result
of reading and rereading F&H constantly for fifteen years; I'm glad
all that reading seems to have resulted in something useful!  If
anyone wants to see it and can't be bothered wading through the
archives, I still have it and can e-mail it either on- or off-list on

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