F&H and Stuff (Was: Re: Most widely-read DWJ)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue May 14 13:29:21 EDT 2002

>  >On topic: I was just rereading Fire and Hemlock (while
>>procrastinating on my assignments) to check if I could
>>make any more sense out of the ending now and no,
>>still can't work out the logic of the final showdown.
>I think Dorian posted her analysis of the ending a few months ago.  It's
>probably in the archives somewhere.  It was *very* good.  I don't think *I*
>understood it until I read that post.  :)
>(And if it wasn't Dorian, kudos to whoever it really was.)

I think Sally posted Dorian's analysis, and it was called something 
like Polly & Tom, rather than F&H.  I was also remembering a fairly 
lengthy discussion of the ending quite a bit longer ago, and managed 
to find some of the posts at least.  The first one I had was dated 
18/5/2002, and the subject was FIRE AND HEMLOCK (the caps made it 
easy to spot and should help with the archives!).  I hope the 
archives go back that far...

This may seem like a total off-topic sweep, but it isn't, really. 
Ages ago, I *think* someone wrote here about _Middlemarch_ being a 
big favourite. I've just finished an essay on MM, and now I'm 
wondering if finding all kinds of resonances between it and F&H 
sounds totally and utterly mad?  Anyone who's read it got an opinion 
on this?

Hallie (owing so many replies to people and posts there's no sensible 
place to start!)

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