Teaching Dark Lord

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed May 15 04:52:45 EDT 2002

> Jackie is reporting on her literature course:
> > Another didn't like Derk and his habit of tuning out instead of
> > communicating with his wife.  Some said they felt like they couldn't

There is a point to this. I've reacted badly to some books (such as "The
Great Gatsby") because I've disliked *all* the characters. However, I think
Derk's tuning out is different - and more human. I find with DWJ that I can
often "hate the sin while loving the sinner". Then there's the case of
intention. No, not the Upper Room sort! I was surprised when a reviewer once
said she thought "Sari was overly unpleasant". Sari is the villain in one of
my books; one of the few totally evil characters I have ever written. She
was *meant* to be unpleasant.

Derk is not evil by any stretch...

Sallyo. (Still using a borrowed computer...)

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