How we discovered DWJ

Neil Ward neilward at
Mon May 13 04:51:01 EDT 2002

> >>> There seem to be a few people on the list who discoverd DWJ through
Harry Potter related recommendations.

Although this is an old thread, I've just been reminded of exactly how I
came across DWJ:

I'm quite heavily involved in the Harry Potter fandom and, because of the HP
books, developed a thirst for similar literature.  One Saturday, I set
myself a challenge to find three children's fantasy books by authors I'd not
previously read.  It was rather an odd selection, in retrospect: 'The Iron
Man' by Ted Hughes, 'The Colour of Magic' by Terry Pratchett and 'The
Magicians of Caprona' by DWJ.

The Ted Hughes was an extremely brief, but endearing fable and I found the
Terry Pratchett book incomparably dull (never finished it).  I thought 'The
Magicians of Caprona' was interesting, but I doubt I would have followed up
on it had not one of my HP-fandom friends suggested it was the weakest of
the Chrestomanci books.  I'd originally had my eye on 'Charmed Life', but
the bookshop had been out of that one.  I went back not long after and
bought 'Charmed Life', '...Christopher Chant' and 'Witch Week' and, after
reading those, I was hooked; that's roughly when I joined this list.

Over a year later, I've pretty much completed my quest to read all DWJ's
novels, most recently reading 'Wilkin's Tooth' and, before that, 'A Sudden
Wild Magic' and, before that, the fabulous 'Deep Secret'.   ~~fanfare of
trumpets!~~: I'm officially no longer a DWJ virgin, although I'm still a
Johnny-come-lately compared to most of you, who've probably read them
countless times.


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