Question about Welsh (OT) Re: Pratchett in Welsh!

lazy lousy lizzie jane mep3 at
Sat May 11 07:20:55 EDT 2002

Now, see, you've made me curious, and I have a question about Welsh.  I've
seen it written in the Roman alphabet (ie, what English is written in--is
that Roman?  I only call it that because it's referred to as romaji in
japanese--I actually have no idea.  and if our alphabet is roman, what are
our numbers derived from?  I'm looking at our lovely linguistics lady in
Edinburgh right now, Kyra!;); my question is, is there a Welsh system of
writing?  I want to say that when I was in Wales I saw evidence of
numbers, at least, written in different, ways, but I could be remembering
wrong.  If there is a written variant of Welsh--do they teach it that way
or is it romanized?

yay me!  I delurked!  And I'm really only a _little_ brain dead. . .
doesn't _everyone_ love finals?  I'm three hundred pages into Ann
Radcliffe's _Mysteries of Udolpho_ and it is only just starting to
interest me at all.  I spent the first three hundred pages despising Emily
for being so completely spineless and frankly just laughing at Valancourt.
This might explain why it has taken me a month to get through the first
three hundred pages. . . . ;)  I liked the Monk much better (that book had
_everything_ and in half the length of Udolpho!)  Who else was taking a
Gothic Novel course?  How's yours going?



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