Is the list quiet?

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Fri May 10 08:17:49 EDT 2002

ditto here...although I've some interesting things about the College 
of Magics to say.  (My Last literature class is now over, my 
sentences are allowed to be grammatically incorrect?)

I stopped reading the book at page 112 when I first read it -- after 
Tyrian was turned into a cat I became scared out of my mind and could 
not read any I realize that the conflict was resolved 
one page later...(it's such a fitting analogy for my life at that 
The other thing is my mental image of CofM from three years ago (when 
I read the first 112 pages) is /so very/ off.  Some things, like the 
layout of the college, are still the same, but My cat-Tyrian was this 
hideously deformed fuzzy spider with a cat head.  Tyrian himself was 
a brunette, whom I, for some strange reason could not distinguish 
from Reed.  I also had issues distinguishing between Odile and 
Menary, and I can't remember why now.  My mental image of Reed and 
Tyrian is very different, now.  Tyrian is this shining blond (Oh, 
goodness, he's the male love interest, isn't he?  Now he's going to 
get all boring...) in all black, and Reed has this unruly brown hair 
and wears farm-boy duds.
P.S. I think, in WI, at least, Dogsbody's the most widely read by non-DWJ fans.
>Yes, it's quiet.
>For my part, I have term final exams in uni - I don't know the reason for
>the quieteness of the rest of the group.
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