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> Ooo, great! Another Aussie!  
> So how long have you been reading DWJ?  
I read "Spellcoats" about 20 years ago, after it was
recommended (along with many other books) at an
in-service. It was actually about a year after the
course when i found a second hand copy of "spellcoats"
- but I loved it. Several years later I came across
"Archers Goon", "Fire and Hemlock" and "Power of
Three" (not all at once - probably a year apart each)
and though that this author really had something.
Although "8 days of luke" has been in every library
I've run I only got around to reading it earlier this
year (obviously an early work). 

What is your
> favourite?

I love the Dalemark books but my fave is probably
"Deep secret" - if only for the reference to all the
men at the sf con having beards. Go to

for the reason. Even though this was taken 25 years
ago i still have the beard.

Jon Noble

> Kylie
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> > G'Day all, This is my first posting to this list,
> in
> > which I have been lurking for a few weeks. I am a
> high
> > school librarian and in all four schools in which
> I've
> > worked in NSW, Australia over the last 25 years
> there
> > has been a copy of "8 days of Luke". The schools
> my
> > daughters attended both had it as well (but one of
> > them came here so that doesn't count).
> > 
> > Jon Noble
> > Kilaben Bay, NSW Australia
> > Teacher Librarian, Toronto High, NSW, Australia
> > 
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