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Sun Mar 31 17:29:35 EST 2002


(Thanks for the thanks, btw, Laurel)

>Has anyone read _City of Bones_ by Martha Wells or _Sun-Cross_ by
>Barbara Hambly recently?  I just finished both, enjoying Wells
>much more than Hambly, and would like to hear other opinions, and
>possibly recommendations or warnings about other titles by the
>same authors.

I've read _City of Bones_, though it wasn't that recently. I enjoyed 
it a lot, until the ending, which I found a bit disappointing.  Not 
so much that there was anything wrong with it, as that I'd been 
expecting a DWJ-type resolution of difficulties which didn't happen. 
It'd be interesting to read it again now that the particular 
expectation isn't there.  I've also read her _Death of the 
Necromancer_ and enjoyed it a lot.  Nice setting.  There's another 
one in the same world as CoB, iirc, which I'd like to read.

I haven't read _Sun-Cross_, but have read some Hambly - my favourite 
so far is _Stranger at the Wedding_.  She does do nice romantic male 

Another has anyone read:  _Ombria in Shadow_, by Patricia McKillip? 
I just loved this so much, right up until the end, which bothered me 
enormously.  I'll do spoilers if anyone's read it and wants to share 
an opinion.

Finally, I got the first book of Geraldine Harris's Seven Citadels 
series from the library.  I bought the second one because of a 
glowing DWJ review on the back, but could never find the first one, 
and what she said made it sound as if it might really matter to read 
these in order.  I know some people here have read them and liked 
them, but can't remember who it was now.  Really like this one so far.


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