Tanith Lee

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Mar 31 17:26:49 EST 2002

Rather late on this point, but it wasn't just you Ven, this bounced a 
while ago, but my server still hasn't fessed up about it.  Could it 
have been an intermittant suberic problem?


>  >I don't.  But you could just describe the book you remember - and if
>>it's TL someone will probably recognise it, while if it is just the
>>product of your fevered brain, we'll all enjoy a good read. :)
>Aw, shucks.  I don't even remember now what I thought it was.  I do know:
>1) While I was at college, I read exactly three Tanith Lee books from the
>library; two of them were YA, and the third was _Red as Blood_. 
>2) One of the YA titles was _The Dragon Hoard_; I know because the round
>robin storytelling scene is so memorable.  It's the other one I can't
>3) What I do remember is that the story was more from the hero's point of
>view, and he had an encounter with a dragon early on.
>4) It's remotely possible that I'm confusing this with _Dealing with
>Dragons_, but I'm pretty sure not.

Sorry, I meant to run this by Becca and forgot.

Could it be _Prince on a White Horse_?  It's from the hero's point of 
view - he doesn't know his name or where he's from.  He's on a horse 
who keeps talking to him but saying that horses don't talk.  Then a 
girl (named something like Gamael the Red) pops up in the air and 
gives him a sword and tells him to go slay a dragon.  The dragon is 
made of metal.

Is this enough to stir up any memories?


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