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Sun Mar 31 14:35:58 EST 2002

At 08:02 PM 3/31/02 +0100, Caleb wrote:
>Resurrecting the dreams thread again...
>The other night I had a dream that was a fusion of elements from "The Nine
>Days of Luke", "Castles in the Sky" and "Fire and Hemlock". I was David and


>request, which was granted, and left the house. The DWJ similarities end
>here, and I woke up after I found it had gone wrong and the really annoying
>Physics teacher from my school was charging the girl loads and loads of
>money for the house, which she couldn't afford, and I couldn't hit him
>because of some magical protection. Pretty weird, eh?
>Caleb W.

Weird, yes, but interesting! Dreams are always somewhat weird, but I find 
the scenes and pieces I do remember interesting one way or another.

Talking about magic in dreams, I once dreamed about magic olives which were 
keys to a gate leading from a fantasy world (in which I and others were 
trapped) back to the real world. These olives were hard to find; many 
didn't realise they were caught in this fantasy world and those who did, 
met monsters and other horrors on the way. Once they found the olives some 
were too tired to pick out and eat the right ones. Some olives were usual 
ones; just a few were magical.

Right now, I'm writing a short story based on this dream.

Dreams can be really inspiring!


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