Caleb SCWoody423 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 31 14:02:09 EST 2002

Resurrecting the dreams thread again...

The other night I had a dream that was a fusion of elements from "The Nine
Days of Luke", "Castles in the Sky" and "Fire and Hemlock". I was David and
I'd been given a false set of memories and was somehow bound to this house,
which Sophie had become. I was the only one who recognised her, and she had
been trying to attract attention by tripping up the servants on the stairs,
making doors close and so on. I couldn't leave the house and had to work
(perhaps a reflection on my annoyance at having to work in the lovely
weather last week). This teacher was delighted with me, and I made use of
his approval, even though I had no choice in working so hard. I managed to
go out, and met some people I remembered in my original set of memories as
being my friends, although they didn't recognise me and more or less ignored
me. I was then Abdullah, and was looking at a cottage and thinking that it
would be a nice place for Flower-in-the-night and I to live, but went next
door into another sentient house. I went upstairs, and a girl I know was in
there and the room was shaking. I then had to phrase a request asking for
the house to be put back to normal, but whatever I asked for would be given
precisely, and would go wrong if at all possible. I worked it out, made the
request, which was granted, and left the house. The DWJ similarities end
here, and I woke up after I found it had gone wrong and the really annoying
Physics teacher from my school was charging the girl loads and loads of
money for the house, which she couldn't afford, and I couldn't hit him
because of some magical protection. Pretty weird, eh?

Caleb W.

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