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> I think it is time for all of you who don't like it to have a reread so we
> can debate this one a bit. Since the Hexwood discussion seems to be over
> for the time being.

Rereading now in progress! I hope to finish it over Easter, but I'll be away
Tues to Sat. Anyway, thoughts so far, having read to the point where Robin
is about to tell her dream but gets interrupted and Tanaqui never gets to
hear it, and from what I can recall from the other time I've read it (I only
bought it at New Year) her are a few remarks (some smallish spoilers for the
Dalemark books):

I found it a bit hard to get into (a general DWJ weakness, although her
stories build up and conclude excellently once underway) and it's not one of
my favourite books, possibly the weakest Dalemark book IMO, but even that is
good. I really like the DM books, and they are an excellent example of how
to do a linked series - three that can be read independently but have links
and then a final book that brings together elements from the first three in
a good conclusion that can still be understood (but not fully appreciated)
if you haven't read the first three books. I got CoDM at Christmas only
having hazy recollections of C&C, which I'd borrowed from the library. Since
then I've got the first three books (in the order SpCs, C&C, DrAm). I'm
meandering now, so back to the point.

So far the fact that it is being told in a spellcoat hasn't had a bearing on
the plot, although I remember finding the ending a bit of a "deus ex
spellcoat".  It's interesting to read it again knowing what's going to
happen to the characters later and comparing them with their later selves
(especially Hern). BTW, is his name a link with Herne the Hunter, or is it
just coincidence?

As a side note, the "Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Fantasy" says that Spellcoats
is "incredibly powerful" or words to that effect, although their comments
seem to be at odds with him understanding of it, IIRC.


Caleb W.

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