Peter Dickinson

Anita Graham amgraham at
Thu Mar 28 08:13:47 EST 2002

> I'm actually reading his The Kin, as recommended by my 14 yo son.
> It's good,
> so far. I dreamed I was in the book's world after I started
> reading it which
> is a sign that it absorbed me - more than I realized.
> I enjoyed his Changes trilogy, some years ago. And I'm sure he wrote
> something set in ancient Egypt. And The Gift - or was that part of the
> Changes?
> Anyway, keep reading. He's good.
> Ania

The one set in an Egyptian-like setting (or perhaps Sumerian) is The Blue
Also EVA is wonderful,  The Seventh Raven (a modern children's thriller) is
good too, and so is (hmmm, what was it called) one set in China and
Tibet --- (google is great) Tulku.


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