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I'm actually reading his The Kin, as recommended by my 14 yo son. It's good,
so far. I dreamed I was in the book's world after I started reading it which
is a sign that it absorbed me - more than I realized.
I enjoyed his Changes trilogy, some years ago. And I'm sure he wrote
something set in ancient Egypt. And The Gift - or was that part of the
Anyway, keep reading. He's good.
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> Hi all,
> Just finished reading the Ropemaker, which I quite enjoyed, although I
> think it had some problems, which I am happy to talk about it more detail
> if anyone wants to discuss it. Anyway, this was the first book I have read
> by this author, and I was amused to find out that he is Mr Robin McKinley.
> Because I can certainly see some similarities between their work,
> particularly at the sentence level. I was wondering if anyone has read any
> more of his books, and what they might recommend. There seem to be an
> lot of them, and my impression from where they are shelved in the library
> is that lots are for younger readers. Any guidance/suggestions would be
> welcome.
> Robyn


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