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Hemlocke movingcastle at
Wed Mar 27 23:01:18 EST 2002

> Just had a reread of Spellcoats, and am struck 
> again by the utter 
> brilliance of the story. 

The Spellcoats is my favourite book of the Dalemark
Quartet. All while reading the story, the malevolence
of Kankredin seeped through the pages. 

> There are lots of things in 
> the book that make Tanaqui unreliable, but is she
> deceptive like the Thief? 

> I think not, I think she is telling the story as
> truthfully as she can because the coats wouldn't
> do their job otherwise. She admits to feeling
> silly and spiteful and, when she can't explain
> things, sets down what she experienced very
> carefully.  

Ditto. Tanaqui may have been many things but deceptive
isn't one of them, in my opinion. She does have her
less stellar moments but the thought of her being
intentionally deceptive admittedly never crossed my
mind. But then, I'm guilty of underanalyzing the books
I read anyway ^^


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