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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Mar 27 14:19:46 EST 2002

Robyn wrote

Just had a reread of Spellcoats, and am struck 
again by the utter 
brilliance of the story. I especially love the 
little comments in the book 
by Tanaqui and the epilogue about how the story 
doesn't tell everything, 
and it may be inaccurately translated anyway. Her

comment about having 
unpicked a section is also intriguing. I was 
thinking about it in light of 
our discussion about the unreliable narrator. 
There are lots of things in 
the book that make Tanaqui unreliable, but is she

deceptive like the Thief? 

I think not, I think she is telling the story as
truthfully as she can because the coats wouldn't
do their job otherwise. She admits to feeling
silly and spiteful and, when she can't explain
things, sets down what she experienced very

<I think it is time for all of you who don't like

it to have a reread so we 
can debate this one a bit. Since the Hexwood 
discussion seems to be over 
for the time being.>

Not a bad idea -- I'd like to be on the defense
team from the start this time. 



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