Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Mar 26 12:27:32 EST 2002

Robyn wrote:
> I was thinking about [Spellcoats] in light of our discussion about the
> narrator. There are lots  of things in the book that make Tanaqui
unreliable, but is 
> she deceptive like the Thief?  I think it is time for all of you who don't
like it to 
> have a reread so we can debate this one a bit. 

I agree another book discussion would be fun- and I really like Spellcoats
so I think discussing it would be a wonderful idea! I think DWJ quite
cleverly sets it up so that Tanaqui isn't deceptive- with the two coats
being woven in different places, so that when she makes the first one, she
is more ignorant than when she does the second. 

(Yes, I loved The Thief).
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