The Changeover and Thief

Katherine Ferguson k.ferguson at
Tue Mar 26 14:52:20 EST 2002

I've finally got round to rereading The Changeover (Mahy), prompted by
you lot - I felt a bit of a fool borrowing it from the library given I
own it, but most of my books are inaccessible at present :-(

Anyway, I wondered what you lot thought Laura would do. I can quite see
Sorry healing sick forests and so forth, just as I believe in Rupert and
Maree doing magid stuff in Deep Secret. But I stuck trying to invent a
future for Laura to use her strength - has anyone else thought about
this? Is it just me being dense, or the character being too young to
know herself so it isn't written (that would be fair enough - mid teens
I didn't have a clue that I'd being doing the stuff I do now)? It wasn't
very sensible of me to start reading it, because it is one of those
books I invariably finish in one sitting (lying!) and I was decidedly
tired in the morning ;-)

Also prompted by the list I bought The Thief and Queen of Attolia (a
week apart, from different bookshops - I didn't expect them to be hard
to track down, nor that they'd be shelved in different age groups under
different letters of the alphabet!). I'd read your spoilers so nothing
was terribly surprising - I'm sure I'd have guessed the identity anyway,
but suspect I wouldn't have been reading carefully enough to spot the
theft from the magus just from the hair reference. I only skim-read QoA
because I didn't have the time, and I'm squeamish - will reread over
Katherine Ferguson
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