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Mon Mar 25 18:41:19 EST 2002

Robyn said...
> The other day I stumbled upon the DelRey writing workshop, and I
> if any of you who are writing stories have found and used it? I
thought it
> was an excellent site, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself
> reviews. The idea of the site is that people can post drafts of
their SF
> and Fantasy stories and chapters and other members of the site will
> reviews for them. There are lots of rules, and the stuff is
moderated so it
> is all quite civilised.

At least two of us - myself and Ros Gross - are already members.

It is, indeed, extremely civilised, but the workshop owners not having
been able to get further sponsorship out of Del Rey, it'll be going
over to fee-paying in a month or so.  Personally, I'll be happily
paying my $40.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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