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> S
> P
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> I
> L
> E
> R
> S
> The name of the country is stated to be Dalemark. 
> Somewhere.  I didn't spot it
> the first time I read the story.

yeah - it's when Emily is discussing the political
arrangement of Dalemark, and what Asgrim should do
about ruling them (all the business about yeast, and
little things/great ideas). She says that Dalemark is
composed of twelve marks... 

> What I did spot is that the poem Asgrim sends Emily
> appears, somewhat edited, in
> a book of the Adon's poetry 

Ooooh... interesting. I see I must reread the Dalemark
books. Again...

> I also think that they are further along the road to
> industrialisation in TTSOA
> than the later books would imply for the same
> period.  Emily asks about electric
> lighting, and is told that machines for lighting do
> exist (gas lamps?).

You see - this, along with the timing of steam
engines, and so on, is what makes me think that this
*isn't* the Dalemark in the _Quartet_ - because if it
*is*, then the countries must have remained in
technological stasis right up until Mitt's wars, and
that doesn't seem plausible somehow. It sounds to me
as if 'TTSoA' is at the same sort of stage as the
_Quartet_ Dalemark, not an earlier one. Admittedly we
get a very partial view of things becasue Emily is
locked up, but still. 

Also the names are similar, but too Nordic... even in
_The Spellcoats_ the names sound like Dalemarkish
names, if you see what I mean (er...)

I think perhaps we are in a chain of related worlds,
where Emily has stumbled into this Dalemark, which is
one along from the _Quartet_ Dalemark...

> Presumably Kjarten is the Kastri of legend from whom
> the modern Earls of Hannart
> are supposed to descend.

See, I think he's Kialan's 'Janet' (or perhaps that
should be Kialan's 'Gwendolen'), which makes Asgrim
his father's analogue - and their behaviour does seem
vaguely similar, including the shift from 'nice' to

Perhaps Emily is the Maewen of the story. But there's
no Mitt...


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