The True State of Affairs

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Mon Mar 25 09:31:30 EST 2002

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, catherine wright wrote:

> Hannart. I wonder, therefore, whether you people think
> that the Dalemark in 'The True State of Affairs' is in
> a related world, rather than the Dalemark we see in
> the Quartet? It just doesn't fit, even with the
> Dalemark in _Crown_...
I'm sure that other people can say more about this, but...

I think it's pretty well accepted that "The True State of Affairs" shows a
Dalemark way, way before the time of the quartet. The names Emily tells us
are slight variations of the way they're put elsewhere. Um...historic
characters to Moril/Mitt-time people, that is. (can you tell that I
haven't read this in a while?)

> [BTW - what a horrid ending! I was most annoyed]
Well, the story definitely isn't one of my favorites--I find it too vague
and unhappy in its vagueness. But some people (hi Kyra! :^) really love
it, so I'll let them explain why, because that is their right and that is

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