The True State of Affairs

catherine wright crachelwright at
Mon Mar 25 09:18:41 EST 2002

So I was reading _Minor Arcana_ last night, for the
first time in some years, and while I was reading 'The
True State of Affairs' I found myself thinking: 'Gosh,
this sounds remarkably like Dalemark, but it can't be,
becasue Emily comes from England and talks about movie
stars, &c, whereas Mark, Hathriver, the Lowlands and
the North seem to be just at the beginning of

But - at one point, when Emily is discussing the
political arrangement of the marks, she refers to them
as 'Dalemark'; and she also mentions steam organs at
Hathriver, which makes it sounds like an analogue of
Hannart. I wonder, therefore, whether you people think
that the Dalemark in 'The True State of Affairs' is in
a related world, rather than the Dalemark we see in
the Quartet? It just doesn't fit, even with the
Dalemark in _Crown_...

[BTW - what a horrid ending! I was most annoyed]


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