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Mon Mar 25 03:47:53 EST 2002

Joe.Nankivell at ucd.ie schrieb:

> <delurk>
> Hi everyone.
> Caleb:
> > ObDWJ? Erm...
> Don't you mean 'Ur...', like the Mrs Urs in Black Maria? :)
> Have I spelt Ur right? If so, it's an interesting German prefix which
> means something like 'original' or 'primeval'.

<g> It can even be an adjective: "urig" means cosy or special in a rustical
way. Can be used of people, too. Not very much in use. I'd rather say:
"urgemütlich" ;-)

I spent my skiing-holidays in an apartement in Austria that wasn't urig, but
quite okay. In their leaflet they called it (in english) "solid". Can you say
that? I suppose they wanted to express they give you something worth your

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