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Sun Mar 24 05:11:12 EST 2002

Congratulations Sally!!!
How fun!
And of course the cross-posting doesn't matter (It made your e-mail go into 
my inbox instead of into the dwj-folder but that's ok, 'cause then I just 
found and read it earlier than I would have had otherwise.)

At 01:43 PM 3/24/02 +1100, you wrote:
>Hello everyone;
>Please excuse the cross-posting.
>This is just a brief note to tell you my quest fantasy novel, CANDLE IRON
>has won the Aurealis Award for Best Long Fiction (Children's).
> )
>The full list of winners follows for those interested;
>Sally Odgers.
>Div A. Science Fiction.
>Best Novel - Winner - THE DARK IMBALANCE: EVERGENCE 3 (Sean Williams and
>Shande Dix) (H/C)
>Best Short Story - THE WEATHERBOARD SPACESHIP (Adam Browne) (Chimaera)
>Div. B. Fantasy
>Best Novel - Winner - THE WOUNDED HAWK (Sarah Douglas) H/C
>Best Short Story - THE WOMAN OF ENDOR (Sue Isle) (Orb)
>Div C. Horror
>Best Novel - Winner - ANGEL OF RUIN (Kim Wilkins) H/C
>Best Short Story - SLEIGHT OF HAND (Simon Haynes) (Potato Monkey)
>Div D. Young Adult
>Best Novel - Winner - THE OTHER FACE OF JANUS (Louise Katz) (H/C)
>Best Short Story - DREAMWALKER (Isobelle Carmody) (Lothian)
>DIV E. Children's.
>Best Long Fiction;  Winner CANDLE IRON (Sally Odgers) (H/C)
>Best Short Fiction; Winner - CAFE ON CALLISTO - (Jackie French) (Koala
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