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While we are on the subject of revered authors. There are a couple that I am 
thinking probably don't make many people's lists, but who have had a 
tremendous impact on the spread and "taste" of childrens' lit and 
particularly childrens' fantasy over the past 30 years. 

Jane Louise Curry is one of them. The other is Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Snyder 
has had a Newberry Honorable at least once, I think (can't recall which book, 
though). Curry may have been too, but I am far fromn sure of that. Curry has 
fared the worse of the two since an amazing number of her early works have 
been oop for years. Both are solid competent writers with a fairly high 
percentage of "keepers". But neither seems to have sparked the sortt of avid 
fandom that DWJ has. 

Of the two, Curry has explored the wider range of genres in her works (she 
has produced some outstanding mysteries for the juvenile market). Snyder has 
a number of books which are still widely recognized and beloved by the (now 
grown) children who read them. Patricia Beatty with her childrens' 
historicals is another writer who I may not have encountered until I was in 
college, but who is still one of the reasons why I never saw any reason to 
stop reading kiddie lit.
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