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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Mar 19 23:56:01 EST 2002

>I also enjoy Margaret Drabble (Byatt's sister)
>although her books tend to have a bit of a
>air about them, her characters are so posed. I
>always wonder what sort of relationship she and
>Byatt have/had  since their books are so often
>sisters who have very uneasy relationships.
>She wants, she says, to 'exorcise all the old
>ghosts which have festered inside'. Byatt says of
>the novel that it will be 'one-sided. I would
>rather people didn't read someone else's version
>of my mother'. Drabble responded with: 'It's got
>nothing to do with her.'
>Now that's what I call a family feud.

The best indication of how Drabble feels about Byatt I found in the Oxford 
Companion to English Literature: check out the entry Drabble (the editor) 
approved on Byatt. I can't quote it directly because my books are in 
storage, but it is a masterpiece of damnation with faint praise.


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