Daphne Lee daphne at
Sun Mar 17 21:39:30 EST 2002

I need to read Possession at least once a ayear. It's an amazing book. I find it exciting and inspiring. And the ending always makes me cry.

I also like the trilogy (Virgin In The Garden, Still Life and Babel Tower). The interesting thing about the third book (for me), is I first read it when I was single, in my twenties and quite disliked it. But I re-read it last year -- 34, married with a child -- and could relate totally. Now it's probably my favourite book in the trilogy.

I also enjoy Margaret Drabble (Byatt's sister) although her books tend to have a bit of a stilted air about them, her characters are so posed. I always wonder what sort of relationship she and Byatt have/had  since their books are so often about sisters who have very uneasy relationships.


PS I did not like The Biographer's Tale, but I enjoyed the description of the travel agency in the book.
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