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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Mar 17 18:06:46 EST 2002


>As fate, or the gods, would have it, I was unable to receive or send email
>for a couple of days after I sent my last email, and wasn't able to reply

I'm sure there's something deeply significant about that, if we could 
only figure it out! :)

>(BTW, I *think* we are either about 12 hours or so ahead of US
>time (depending on daylight saving and what area) but I don't know how
>English/Irish time fits in with that.)

I just wondered because your message was time stamped as our time + 
1100, which seemed a lot.  We're on GMT which is 5 hours ahead of 
East Coast US time.  According to info I saw, Australia is 8-10 hours 
ahead of us.

>I've now finised _TQofA_. The stairs scene came a little after I last
>wrote--a bit after three-quarters of the way through--and I agree it was a
>wonderful scene, telling the reader so much in such a subtle way. In fact, I
>found the whole book to be written in this subtle, understated style, so
>much the more moving and powerful for its restraint, for what it *doesn't*
>tell us as much for what it does. What a marvellous character study, of both
>Gen and the Queen. I absolutely loved the book, and can only thank everyone
>who recommended it, especially everyone who encouraged me to read it after
>seeing That Spoiler.
>IMO,  _TQ of A_ says much about the potency of restraint and subtlety in the
>creation of character in writing. It was so moving at the end (for me,
>anyway) because of the painstaking and intricate portrayal of the
>personalities of both the central characters, and because, although I did
>guess at the unltimate outcome, I felt that it was not at all a foregone

Big happy sigh.  Isn't it lovely to read someone else writing 
something like this about a book you loved?


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