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Thanks, Kyra, for that wonderful summary.  I wish I'd
been there, but this was the next best thing. Oh, I
can't resist commenting.

--- Kyra Jucovy <klj at> wrote:


>         Many of her books come from pictures.  Thus,
> Fire and Hemlock
> actually comes from a real photograph (which she and
> her husband bought
> in Edinburgh!  I was excited!) called Fire and
> Hemlock, which is exactly
> the one in the book.  Evidently the name of the

Wow, I always remember the photograph when I think of
Fire and Hemlock.  It's one of the details that
captivated me.  Though I keep thinking the Berkeley
cover of the woman on the horse should've been one of
the paintings.  I've always associated it with the
Chinese horse painting and Janet riding a horse to Tam
Lin's rescue.  At least that's the impression I got
from Polly's grandmother.  I listened to "Tam Lin" by
Fairport Convention.  It's marvelous.

> soulbond.  For those of you unfamiliar with the
> term, it comes from a
> certain section of Internet anime fandom -
> soulbonders talk about having
> various characters moving around and living in their
> head.

Ah, I see that a lot with fanfic writers.  I think
there's something called "plot bunnies" as well.  And
I knew that DWJ was the same way from what she says
about her writing.


>          There was one woman who opened up cafes
> like a tic.  She
> couldn't stop herself.  All of the cafes had
> beautiful cakes that tasted
> horrible.  

Why do these cakes sound familiar?


The center also had a large, pleasant,
> but extremely boring
> garden.
> 	But it also had the second, secret garden.  This
> garden was kept 
> mysteriously locked, and when DWJ wanted to go to
> it, she would have to
> beg her father for the key, for he kept it hidden. 
> This garden was
> beautiful and perfect, full of fruits which never
> were eaten.  It also
> had a gardener.  The gardener loved to tell DWJ
> about how he had seen an
> angel.  


> right up to them without fear.  Both Lizzie and I
> independently thought
> that the garden was the one from Charmed Life and
> the bees are the ones
> from Power of Three.

I was reminded of the gardens from Wild Robert.  There
was a boring garden with walkways that all the elderly
people from the tour groups would walk around.  And
there was a walled garden with fruits and stuff that I
don't think Heather's family got to touch; it was
supposed to be sold for the benefit of the
museum/landmark that Robert's home had been turned
into.  And the gardener was a mean man.


> second draft.  This she does at her computer.  Her
> computer is called the
> Bannus, which I find deeply satisfying.  Frequently


> it's the end that
> needs to be cleaned up the most.  The end of The
> Merlin Conspiracy was
> particularly hard to do and complex.

Wow. Now I really want to read The Merlin Conspiracy.


> with the bottle.  Under 
> his breath, the husband muttered to himself, "I
> belong to Chrestomanci 
> Castle."  To his shock, the large man turned around,
> said, "Yes, but under
> this suit I'm wearing an elaborately brocaded
> dressing-gown," and walked
> out with the bottle.  This story made everyone laugh

ROTFLOL  That's great.


> other throughout the canyon.  She also was going to
> complain about
> publishers, when someone asked her to talk about the
> book, but then her
> publisher (or someone) interrupted her saying that
> the book wasn't going
> to be published until 2004.  We all, including DWJ,

Nooo.  Why would they do that?


>         She doesn't know what's going on with the
> Howl's Moving Castle
> film and hasn't heard anything about it in months. 
> She thinks that
> something may have gone wrong, just as it always
> does when someone tries
> to film her books.  

I hope not.  Studio Ghibli keeps an online journal
though being in Japanese and containing jargon, I
don't know how helpful that is.  Last Howl-related
entry was March 11th, and it sounds like they have a
lot of material; the director seemed to be happy about
the continuity.  (With all the jargon, I can't be sure
exactly what was being said.  Lot of stuff about
"cuts" and "cutting" and "checking" these days.)


> now was a more off time.  The only name she
> mentioned was Robin McKinley,
> which only makes me _more_ certain that there's
> something deeply wrong
> with me for not particularly liking her. . . .

Nope.  Not sharing the same tastes as your favorite
author doesn't mean anything.  I have fond memories of
The Blue Sword, though.  I like that much better than
The Hero and the Crown.  


I snipped it, but I thought Lizzie's gifts sounded
really nice.  I wonder if DWJ gets a lot of gifts from
her admirers.  I know that Neil Gaiman gets a lot of
stuff when he's on tour, not to mention things sent to
him care of Dreamhaven Books.


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