OT Tamora Pierce

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 17 15:55:14 EST 2002

I like the Wild Magic series, too.  I thought it had some interesting ideas 
in it, and was less obvious than Alanna. I think Pierce is rewriting Alanna 
in the current Page, Squire series, and doing a better job.

>As for the Circle of Magic books--they were slightly too young for my
>tastes--I've heard that she wrote Alanna as a single adult novel
>originally, and sometimes I think that she needs to aim for an older
>audience--but there were moments in the books that I found magical.

I thought these books were a bit simple and boring, too. I am totally 
bewildered by the second Circle series. Has anyone read any of them? I find 
them totally unsuitable reading for children - or for any but really tough 
adults, for that matter - the first two are full of grizzly murders. In the 
first one, there are invisible people dismembering babies, and in the 
second kids are being buried in a garden and the plants are happy about it. 
But they seem to be marked towards the same audience as the first Circle 
series. I can't figure this out at all. I would be horrified if I had 
bought that book for a child expecting the same tame content.


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