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Hemlocke movingcastle at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 16 22:25:08 EST 2002

> I will go out on a limb here and sya that I loved
> the Wild Magic books.  

So did I - well I do admit I liked the books based on
Numair alone. He had charisma. I didn't like the
Alanna books very much at all, purely because I found
King Jonathan a right total PRIG. I had no idea why
Alanna would want to serve a cow like him. My sense of
fealty is sorely lacking...

I loved her Circle of Magic books best though. They
were rather simple but enjoyable. I didn't read the
rest of her books though, Tamora Pierce is
entertaining but well, I grew up with other authors,
DWJ being foremost on the list, and I found Tamora
Pierce's style lacking. Just being biased, I guess, ha


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