OT Tamora Pierce

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Sat Mar 16 18:09:46 EST 2002

I will go out on a limb here and sya that I loved the Wild Magic books.  I
thought they were sooooo good--the last was a little too easy for my
tastes, but other than that they're my favorite of Tamora Pierce's books.
Alanna I also adore, and possibly think are better books, but I've read
them so many times that I can't read them anymore.  I read the Wild Magic
books every time that I go home--seriously.  I have a sort of schedule:
in the first day and a half after I come home from college, I read Wild
Magic, several books by Julia Quinn, a few Elizabeth Peters books, Sorcery
and Cecilia, and something by Simon Hawke.

As for the Circle of Magic books--they were slightly too young for my
tastes--I've heard that she wrote Alanna as a single adult novel
originally, and sometimes I think that she needs to aim for an older
audience--but there were moments in the books that I found magical.  The
kind of moments that make you feel like you're full of magic, and that
you're a breath away from finding the right words or the right gestures
and discovering your own magic.

As for Protector of the Small--I read it.  I'm keen to know what happens.
But I find few of the characters truly engaging--Kel isn't bad, but most
of the other characters seem flat.  I want her to end up with Raoul
instead of Cleon or Niall (Neall?) simply because he's more interesting to
me than either of them.  And I want it to have more Numair because he just
rocks. . . .



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