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Rosie Burroughs rosieburroughs at
Sat Mar 16 15:27:36 EST 2002

I'm not very good at giving reasons why I like books, or authors, but I'll
try. My top ten list (in no particular order):

DWJ. Need I give reasons? Why else are we here?
Tamora Pierce. Partly because she was the first fantasy author I discovered
for myself (Tolkien and Lewis were read to me), when I was about ten, and I
so much wanted to be Alanna! But I like the Circle of Magic books as much as
the Alanna ones, and the Protector of the Small ones a whole lot more.
Philip Pullman (though I was disappointed by The Amber Spyglass).
Robin McKinley.
Diane Duane (the YA and cats books; haven't tried her others yet).
Pamela Dean (especially Tam Lin, and Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary runs it
Ursula Le Guin.
Madeleine L'Engle.
Connie Willis.

There are some other authors who would probably make it up there if I'd read
more of their books, which I intend to - Patricia McKillip, for instance,
and Eileen Dunlop, and Susan Price (except none of her books look anything
like The Sterkarm Handshake, which puts me off).

I suppose the main thing about all these authors is that they create worlds
I can believe in. Yes, that probably sounds very trite, and I'm just waiting
for all the literary types to tell me what a naive idiot I am. But I can't
do book-dissection. I am often impressed by those who can, and I enjoy
reading their insights, but I read the books because I like being in that
world and/or with those people, and I much prefer treating them as real
worlds when I'm inside them, to looking at myself reading a book.


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