Re LOTR totally OT spoilers

Rosie Burroughs rosieburroughs at
Sat Mar 16 15:30:28 EST 2002

Catherine wrote:
> Yes - this happens in the book too - Merry and Pippin
> are younger than both Sam and Frodo (much younger than
> Frodo) and must still be at the latter end of their
> tweens (is that what Tolkien calls it? I think so, but
> mind is fuddled by endless data entry involving the
> Tweenies programmes) and the events of the book are, I
> think, very much a coming-of-age passage rite for them

Pippin tells the Gondor man-at-arms (I think) that he is still in his
tweens. Either he says he is twenty-nine or I worked it out from the family
trees. I think Merry is a little older, but no more than a year or two, so
wouldn't have come of age either.

Their ages really freaked me out when I first read LOTR. I'd been thinking
of them as young (this was when I was ten or so), and here they were turning
out to be really OLD... :-)


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