Names, Was: Hexwood's Goon

Tony Fox tonyfox at
Sat Mar 16 11:40:54 EST 2002

Dorian said

> Round here, "Brigid" is the spelling associated with the pagan
> goddess, while "Bridget" is usually associated with the Christian
> saint.  The former, btw, is normally pronounced BRIG-id with a hard G.
> >
> > BTW the diminutive is Bridie I think
> That's a common diminutive, yes.  Others are Bride and Bridgie (the
> latter usually with the "Bridget" spelling).

Oh dear! We spell her name BRIGID but call her BRIGIT (soft g hard t) or
BRIGIE if we're feeling slushy. A bit of a muddle compared to Irish usage.


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