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> > Caleb, why don't you try Alexlit?  Alexandria Digital Literature
> > ( is a reading recommender.  
> > It has a quirk where it is likely to recommend you 
> everything by Bujold and
> > all of Gaiman's Sandman novels to start.  Everyone must like them...
> That quirk is supposed to be fixed nowadays, so that it now 
> recommends only
> one book by each author (at a time).

Oh yes, so it is!  I'd forgotten they had done that.  I didn't have many
books by the same authors on my recommendation list anyway, so it didn't
make much of a differnce to me.

I wish they'd put in the option to be able to see multiple book by author
recommendations.  Now I have the Bujold and Gaiman off I'd like to see if
there are writers that come up a lot.

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