Must read authors (Alexlit plug)

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Sat Mar 16 04:16:33 EST 2002

on 15.3.2002 02:28, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) at Kylie.Ding at wrote:
> Caleb, why don't you try Alexlit?  Alexandria Digital Literature
> ( is a reading recommender.  You put in what you read and
> how much you liked it and it matches your ratings with those of other
> patrons and comes up with a list of reading recommendations.
> It has a quirk where it is likely to recommend you everything by Bujold and
> all of Gaiman's Sandman novels to start.  Everyone must like them...

That quirk is supposed to be fixed nowadays, so that it now recommends only
one book by each author (at a time). I second the recommendation. I've found
several new authors and books through Alexlit and have sometimes used it to
check what my neighbours (other people whose ratings are used to decide what
it recommends me) have thought of a book I'm considering buying/reading.


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