on hating Jordan

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Sat Mar 16 01:32:07 EST 2002

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Jenny Holmstrom wrote:
> >
> > I agree with you on that, Jenny! Wholeheartedly, although
> > I must say
> > (taking a huge risk, here!) I have read even better books
> > than those of hers...
> Name them, please?? I'm longing for more books to read,lol.

All right, here's some (and maybe more later):
Have you tried George R.R. Martin? His 'Song of Ice and Fire' -series is
one of my all time favourites (and I don't even know how it will end as
the series is still unfinnished)
Lynn Flewelling's 'Nightrunner series' (Luck in the Shadows, Stalking
Darkness, Traitor's Moon) is also very good - interesting, enticing, good
And then Sherwood Smith's 'Court Duel' & 'Crown Duel' -miniseries.
Reminded me a bit about DWJ, and I suspect that if you like her works you
may also like these. I am not quite sure if I'd place this these two above
ALL DWJ, though. Definetely not 'Charmed life'.

> My favourite number one is Robin Hobb. What do you all
> think about her books?`
> I think, she's really made ppl alive in her books, all ppl
> are living their own lives, whatever the main character
> himself is doing, others tend to go totally different ways
> and paths.

I haven't read but 'Assasins Aprentice' -series, but I liked that one. I
may never want to read it again, (because there will always be so many books
I haven't read at all) but the characters in that series were round - they
were plausible, had inner life etc.


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