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Alex wrote

The lauding of experience is, I believe a postive

thing. We find it
difficult because we can cope with our own loss 
of innocence but can't cope
with that of children. This is despite the 
growing experience of the world
being entirely natural.

That's very true. And when innocence is equated
with ignorance so that it is thought a good thing
to withold information it becomes a counter
productive attitude to hold 

Goodness is a very
frightening theme in Pullman as you can nevr feel

sure that a character is
good - even Lyra is flawed and quite dislikeable 
at first - she seemed
almost feral. 

I liked her, hers seemed quite a reasonable way
to be given her upbringing. Actually I think I
have a soft spot for wild children.

By the end, she chooses rightly but that is
because of whatshe learned.

I loved the God stuff to though I found it 
disturbing - my take on it was
that Pullman had decided our view of God was 
corrupt and decadent. He leaves
it to us to determine whether the figure in the 
book is God or not but
certainly he is questiong our conception of the 
God figure.

Oh dear i havre a theology overload again, will
have to reread and follow that notion!


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